1. cxn-t asked: I'd love to work with you. Just a shame you live on the other side of the world

    Maybe one day. Thanks for stopping by.


  3. wemelfunction asked: Hey you've really got interesting photos really like them lots!!!

    Thank you.


  4. asonshogun asked: Gotta say– dope ass blog and art!!

    Appreciate it. Thank you for stopping by.

  5. Yumi.


  6. askprincesssnow asked: One day I'm gonna be a photographer, any tips?

    start now and gain some experience. and you don’t have to go get the best equipment.  Just work with what you got so you can learn.  


  7. adriankingz asked: you have sexy art pictures miss #dope

    Appreciate it!


  8. Anonymous asked: I think that you are not what you say you are. A real photographer will have a legitimate 1. REAL name with a FACE on it , 2. website for works and portfolio CV , 3. and will not post in fathom like you do. You are a HOAX! get a life!

    This makes me laugh.


  9. Anonymous asked: I have literally no followers :(

    Well, don’t just sit and wait for them.  Go out and do something about it.


  10. livingthecreaturelife asked: digg your work.

    Thank you.  


  11. resteazy asked: Where are you from?

    Los Angeles, CA.


  12. dereknunez asked: Hey, I like your work. I'm working on my portfolio for lifestyle modeling and was wondering if you do any of that. Thanks

    Thanks and yes.


  13. Anonymous asked: Did u do all these Photos urself?


  14. hmm.


  15. iexpectooopatronumm asked: Wow beautiful work !

    Thank you.